Back to School in Style!

Jennifer is a teacher in a primary school, she covers social skills and helps children to build resilience. Jennifer chose the Happy Rainbow design for her team, and she customised the size and placement of the pockets so she could fit various items she needed for the classroom, including an iPad.

Jennifer explains why she chose the Happy Rainbow design:

"The rainbow was a very fitting logo with the current Covid situation. The service from start to finish was amazing and Alex kept us updated every step of the way from pre-order until they were delivered. She even adapted the pocket size for our school’s order. It’s great and the separate pouches allow for everything to be stored in an easy way. "

If you looked inside Jennifers pocket bag, you would find:

  • Hand gel

  • Pens

  • Highlighters

  • Rubbers

  • Phone

  • School radio

  • Tissues

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