Find out How T-Rex helps Aimee in her Classroom!

Aimee is an Early Years Educator working with 3-5 year olds, and she tells us why she chose the Dinosaur Land pocket bag, and the Happy Rainbow pocket bag.

"I could not pick so I went for the rainbow and then I saw the dinosaur one and since my group love dinosaurs I just had to have that too! It’s great as because of Covid 19 and extra hygiene rules I can swap and wipe down one and use the other! My fellow colleague asked me to order her one after she saw mine! "

She even clips her hand sanitiser bottle onto the key ring holder which is included in every pocket bag!

If you looked inside Aimees pocket bags you would find:

  • Camera

  • Observation book

  • Pen

  • Tissues

  • Sanitiser tube

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